The EFL is a Strat-O-Matic computer football project of Jon Brams ().

The league has 12 teams in three divisions. Brams is general manager and coach of the Delaware Cherries team. The computer handles the other teams.

The EFL is not affiliated with the real-life, semi-pro EFL in New England.

Past Seasons:

Delayed Gratification:
The Delaware Cherries’ Path to
the 2008 EFL Championship

Northern Division

Albany Racers (2009 division champions)
 grayer than midnight green and silver with non-standard numbering

Connecticut Comets
 aqua and silver with lavender trim and non-standard numbering

Providence Steam Roller
 maroon and white with Bear-style numbering

Syracuse Crush
 orange and white with light green trim and 3D-style numbering

Central Division

Delaware Cherries (2009 division champions)
 red and white

Hershey Bars
 burgundy and white with silver and gold trim and outlined numbering
 (formerly Atlantic City Seagulls)

New York Empires
 “Charger” retro light blue and white with ’70s UCLA-style numbering

Philadelphia Lakers
 Florida “Gator” blue and yellow with 3D-style numbering

Southern Division

Baltimore Bolts
 black and white

Charleston Cannons
 old gold, black, and white with outlined numbering
 (formerly Pittsburgh Ironmen)

Richmond Rebels
 Navy blue and gray with red trim and non-standard numbering

Washington Capitols (2009 EFL champions)
 “Titan” light blue and white with outlined numbering